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ProTex Towels — Your Partner in Product...Productivity...and Profitability

Partner With Us

After more than 40 years manufacturing, wholesaling, and distributing professional-use towels to over a dozen industries, we understand towels have an integral part of the success of the services delivered by each of those industries on a daily basis — and to all the individuals involved in delivering them.


From manufacturing representatives, to industry supply distributors, and multiple store or chain owners, ProTex Towels is ready to partner with you and serve your towels needs.

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Who We Serve

Ultimately, we serve the industry professionals who rely on our towels to get their jobs done each and every day.

And, we serve the the companies that partners with us to get those towels to those professionals, through individualized programs and products we  create are designed to benefit  

How We Serve

Because we are the manufacturer, we ask lots of questions about how we can meet your needs. It's woven into our DNA.


Does your business or your industry need a specific towel for a specific task? Let's work together to develop it.

Seeing upcoming trends in an industry segment creating a towel need that isn't being met? Let's create the solution.

Are you having towel supply issues or distribution challenges that you need to quickly overcome? We're ready to help!

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Business meeting

What We Bring To The Table

And, as your towel manufacturing partner, we spend the time necessary to understand your needs and bring you real solutions. Think of us as an outsource with an in-house feel. 

We also bring our resources to you. Here are some examples:

  • Pricing programs with incentive discounts

  • Distribution programs

  • Research and development 

  • Custom towel manufacturing

  • Private labeling

Get The Conversation Started

Isn't it time that you took a closer look at ProTex Towels? You're just one step away from connecting with us.
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