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The ProTex

ProTex Towels specializes in producing high-quality industry-specific towels. We understand the importance of creating products that are not only reliable, but also offer superior performance. Our promise of superior quality and our steadfast commitment to excellence, in both product and service, is what sets us apart from other manufacturers.


Experience the ProTex Towels difference and discover first-hand why we are the leading professional towel manufacturer and the number one choice of industry professionals! 

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Targeted Performance

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Over 20 Towel Lines and Growing

We are constantly expanding our product line to meet a wide range of industry-specific service and cleaning needs and provide our customers the best selection of towels available. With a wide variety of options, you’re sure to find the perfect towels.

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Towels Designed To Last

Using the highest quality materials, advanced weaving techniques, and double and interlock hemming technologies, you can count on ProTex Towels for increased durability and strength in all our long-lasting products, use after use and wash after wash.

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They Work As Hard As You Do

Whether you need a a super-soft towel for a delicate service use, a heavy-duty towel for industrial use, or a lightweight and absorbent towel for cleaning, we've got it. With over 200,000,000 towels sold, those are numbers you can trust day in and day out.

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The Original Bleach Guard™
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Engineered To Be Chemically Tolerant
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100% Cotton.
Advanced Microfiber.

For over 40 years, we have been manufacturing both white and vibrantly colored towels using our proprietary Bleach Guard™ technology so you can safely launder in chlorine bleach!

ProTex Bleach Guard™ towels have the added benefit of also being resistant to many harsh chemicals like peroxide, hair color, bleach, acetone, and other chemicals across many industries.

Our 100% cotton ring spun terry loops create the thickest salon towels on the market today — without using any fillers. And, our wrinkle-free microfiber towels are shrink and stretch resistant. 

Break The Cycle!

Towel buying shouldn't be a series of disappointing events. Discover why ProTex Towels are the repeated choice of professionals in so many industries. 
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